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Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

contoh soal advertisements

The text for question 1-3
Sylla Pizza
Authentic Italian Pizza by True-blue Neapolitan Chef
A cozy little restaurant with creamy sand-colored walls, deep-toned wood counters and furnishings and natural grey stone.
Food and Beverage :
· Italian Cuisine
· Italian Pizza and Pasta
· Various Kinds of juice
· Best Italian Wine

Business Hour Details :
Sunday to Thursday : 11.30 AM to 2.30 PM
Friday to Saturday : 11.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Address :
30 Robertson Quay Riverside View
#01-14 Singapore 277798
Tel :  +659484938

1. What does Sylla Pizza Offer ?..
a.       Chef
b.      Pizza
c.       Food and drink
d.      Biscuit
e.      Cake

( answer : C )
>>  because in sylla pizza offering "food and beverage" which is synonymous with "food and drink"

2. “Authentic Italian Pizza by True-blue Neapolitan Chef”. What does the underlined word mean?..
a.       A special cook
b.      An original recipe
c.       An inherited recipe
d.      A professional cook
e.      A diner waitress
( answer : D)
>> because the meaning of the chef is a proffesional cook.

3. When does Sylla Pizza open?..
a.       Every day
b.      Six days in a week
c.       Five days in a week
d.      Four days in a week
e.      Two days in a week

( answer : A)
>> in sylla pizza open from Sunday to Saturday. It shows that the pizza sylla open every day.

The text is for questions 4-6
Resort & Convention

A hotel with cottages and high rise building built on 17 ha, consist of 103 standard and 49 luxurious rooms.
A hotel, mixing business with pleasure, you can go fishing, jogging cycling, play volleyball, enjoy our tennis court (2 lines), billiard, badminton, fitness, soccer stadium, karaoke, children playground, horse back riding around the hotel, and swim in Teratai swimming pool, enjoy apple, orange and strawberry plantation.

Direct Reservation :
Jalan Abdul Gani Atas, Phone (0341) 4573467647
Fax. (0143) 564-765

4. How many rooms does Kusuma Hotel have?..
a.       103 rooms
b.      49 rooms
c.       17 rooms
d.      19 rooms
e.      152 rooms

( answer : E)
>> Kusuma hotel has 152 rooms, consisting of 103 standard and 49 luxurious.

5. Where can the guest go swimming ?..
a.       At children playground
b.      In Teratai swimming pool
c.       At the fitness center
d.      At the cottages
e.      At the soccer stadium
( answer : B)

>> text contained in the sentence "... and swim in the Teratai swimming pool, .." so, guests can swim in the Teratai swimming pool.

6. What fruit plantation is there around the hotel ?..
a.       Orange, strawberry, and many others.
b.      Guava, apple, and orange.
c.       Apple, orange, and Strawberry.
d.      Cherry, apple, and orange.
e.      Guava, cherry, and apple.
( answer : C)
>> statements contained in the phrase ".. enjoy apple, orange and strawberry plantation.”

The text is for question 7-8
LOVATO Stationery
Come and get the best items we have:
Books, pens, pencils, school bags, erasers,
Various kinds of rulers, etc.

                         All of them are of export quality. Some items are produced in limited edition so your are not going to find them in other stores.
Grand Opening :
21st  June 2010 

7. Which stationeries are not mentioned in the text ?..
a.       Erasers
b.      Rulers
c.       Pens
d.      Papers
e.      Books
(answer : D )
>>  because papers are not mentioned in the text.

8. What can the customers get if they visit LOVATO on june 21st ?..
a.       Discount
b.      Spesial gifts
c.       Special export products
d.      Door prizes and discount
e.      Sale

( answer : D)
>> because in the text mentioned tahat on June 21st customers get door prize and discount.

The text is for questions 9-10
Do you have problems in English ?
Do you want to speak English fluently, but you don’t have much time?
Just go to :

you will be able to speak
just after three months learning.

ILC is at Parang,
Barong Square no.27
Tlogosari Housing Area
Phone. 024-7543553

9. What is the text about ?
a.       An advertisement
b.      A job Vacancy
c.       An Application letter
d.      A greeting card
e.      A labels
( answer : A)

10. According to the advertisement, How long do you need to be able to speak English?...
a.       A month
b.      Two months
c.       Three months
d.      Four months
e.      Five months
( answer : C)

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